We are very excited that you have decided to work with us and we hope that you are just as excited! Artistic Bliss Portraits strives to make you feel very valued and will do our best to provide you with an amazing experience.  If you are an auction winner, thank you for contribution and support.  You are going to have a great time and leave with wonderful memories and beautiful artwork!

There are so many things we would like to tell you, Like how much we love our work, how excited we are to have you join us for this special occasion, and how much your artwork means to us as well.

We feel that you deserve artwork in your life and your life is truly a work of art.

  • Every client will have planning input

  • An amazing fun portrait session

  • personal professional touching of every portrait they see

  • An in-person reveal session at our studio

  • amazing professional portraits and artwork of their choice

Artwork for your life

We believe in artwork in your life and offer high resolution un-cropped digital files, mounted prints, solid face canvases, custom designed albums, and more. Most clients spend between $1500 and $4000 on their artwork. This is an investment in your life and those you love, don’t settle for anything but the best!!!

newborn photography cornelius oregon artistic bliss portraits

Our Goal

As your photographer, I want to capture real emotions, smiles, funny faces, serious thoughts, and precious moments! To do this I want to know more about what you want out of this session, are you going to want beautiful art to hang on your walls or are you looking to get a photo album of your beautiful images? I want to know more about you.

Please take about 10 minutes and watch this informational video that will help you get to know us and some of our amazing products.

Informational Video

family photography by Artistic Bliss Portraits on location at Cooper Mountain Nature Park Beaverton Oregon

Located in the Beautiful Washington County

Our location provides us will many options for on location sessions. With the beauty of the coast range, Tualitin River Valley, fertile farmland, Christmas tree farms, vineyards, and many other options. We have had sessions as far away as Yakima, WA, Roseburg, OR and the Oregon Coast. Your imagination and willingness to work with us is the only limitation. Just let us know if you want to travel to Hawaii and we can work something out.

If you are interested in an outdoor session there is small travel fee that is worth the investment. Below is a link to our Pinterest page with inspiration.

On Location Inspiration Link

Senior Pictures with Artistic Bliss Portraits in Portland Oregon

Our Process

We take pride in providing our clients with royal treatment and we will strive to deliver you perfection! To do this, we want to know more about your children, your family, likes, dislikes because by the time you get to our studio we want you will walk into a warm and welcoming environment. Our residential studio allows us to focus on one client at a time, you will never have wait times, we have a private bathroom for our clients, a ton of amazing props, backgrounds, and clothing items. The sets will be designed to meet each individual clients vision.

During the session planning we send you a questionnaire and use it to create ideas for the best look for your portraits. We will then talk with you and get your input on those ideas and make the magic happen. On the day of your session, you will arrive at your scheduled time and we will welcome you,About 2-3 weeks after your session you will be invited to our studio on a prescheduled appointment time so that we can "WOW" you with the beauty of your life! It is then when you order what you would like, the images are then perfected to the highest quality and sent to a professional grade lab for product that will last and maintain top notch quality for years to come! Our clients typically spend between $800 and $4000 on artwork, digitals, and memories. Order time for your final artwork is dependent on order but will run 2-4 weeks. 

You will be involved in the vision and the photographer, the artist, will deliver you with the final artwork! However, through it all we want you to feel like your at home with us! We appreciate that you are investing your family memories with us!

We are looking forward to working with you and making this an amazing experience

Kimberly L. Torris & Larry D. Torris

What to Wear

If you need inspiration or assistance in selection of a look, style, or both here is a link to our Pinterest Page that has a gathering of what to wear ideas and color schemes. I hope that you can get some inspiration from this!!! Once you book a session with us you will get access to our Artistic Bliss Portraits Style Guide. It is our gift to you for your important date. We want you to look amazing.

Pinterest Ideas for What to Wear


Session Scheduling and Client Portal

We have a client portal system that will allow you access to your scheduling. Please follow the link through the system for scheduling. It will ask you for your personal information and please select the box for creating an account so you can access the information later on. If you are an auction winner please use the coupon code: auction to redeem the certificate at the end while checking out.

Booking/Scheduling System Link