Toddler Photography.... Granddaughter in the Studio

So many smiles

So many smiles

Toddler Photography...we have the best model

Today was supposed to be our day off.... at least that was the plan but when the grand baby girl Embry comes over to visit Kim is often off to the studio. Now I know a photographer who loves to take pictures.... weird..... but today with Embry she showed her attitude a little and what was supposed to be a quick few picture took a little longer. This is what toddler photography is about, patience and quick thinking. Embry is alway the highlight of our day and we love to use our favorite little model. So much fun.

It isn't about the pose with toddlers, they are all opinion and doing their own thing. Kim worked this out through mixed bribery and tickles and giggles. As a studio who does this often you learn to go with the flow. Your a detective seeking the truth in what makes a child who is just figuring out themselves a little bit smile. For parents coming don't worry about this. What they do at home is often different that what they do for us. We are weird and different to them but want what you want, a happy child. Sometimes the best thing is to have parents act like maniacs behind the photographer (ALWAYS STAY RIGHT BEHIND THE PHOTOGRAPHER... :-)... ) Sometimes is it goofy fart noises that do it.

For Embry she didn't want the car, wanted the car, wanted snacks, no not those........ or maybe it is bubbles. Yep a few smiles for the bubbles, but make sure they are in just the right place, close enough to maybe reach but not in the picture. When we get some edited I will put them up for you to see. The picture above is at her 9 month session so she is now full of sweet and spice!!!

If your coming to see us with a toddler be sure that Kim will do EVERYthing she can to get your little one in a good mood and if I get to help I will be the maniac behind her with the Minion fart gun!!! Even grown men think farts are funny.....