Why Do We Have Such a Hardtime Putting up Portraits in our Home?

Three things to make portrait selection go smooth.

When your visiting your studio remember that there are things that will help you pick your amazing photographs to turn into stunning artwork.

Casey and Alexis

We love to have people come to our studio to choose their photographs. This is the part where all the effort pays off and they get to see how amazing they really look. The planning completed, session was fun, and now to look at a collection of images that will be a part of their life for a long time. That is what we want and hope for.

As they go through them one by one and select those they love I always ask, "Where are you going to put these in your home?" Now I must say that this is not the first time I have said something similar so it is fun to see the reactions. Sometimes the ideas flow like water out of people with excitement. Other times people genuinely feel perplexed with the idea.

I am never under the assumption that they will redecorate their home with our artwork but updating photos and storing or relocating portraits is a reality. We were just like everyone else, you decorate your home and then never want to change it. The concept is set in our brains and we freeze. We would like to help.

Simulate wall space

Our program that we use for the reveal allows us to simulate your walls within your home and place portraits on them, we also can use an old school method of layout if we know what the dimensions of the space would be. But as the one in charge of this selection I encourage you to do the following three things:

  1. Use you phone and take pictures of your spaces with a piece of paper taped up on the wall. This will allow us to simulate the space and allow your photographer to understand what they are working with.
  2. Take measurements of the walls including width and height. This allows us to look at the overall space.
  3. Measure the artwork or photos you have up. I find that there are many cases where people overestimate or underestimate the size of their artwork.

These are very simple things, but they empower you to understand your space and your desires. There are many times were a piece of art fits a space that is larger than you think, or smaller. We can figure it out, together.