Setting Up for the Newborn Photography Session

What Happens When We Set Up for a Newborn Photography Session?

An amazing family and baby

An amazing family and baby

I have talked about this before but thought I would tell you about our last session that was scheduled for a newborn. First things first.... Kim gets extremely excited about having a baby in the studio. She is almost giddy and wants things to be perfect. But sometimes the session does not come through.

Clients cancel for many reasons, conflicts, illness, family issues, or cold feet. We get it, artwork is an investment and with many people thinking that they just want to capture the moment, or snap a few cute pictures they realize that this is an investment they can't afford. We are not for everyone and we don't try to be. We LOVE newborn sessions and want you to realize that newborn photography is an investment in them for their entire life. 

When they are teenagers and are wanting to look back at their portraits we worry that this generation will not be able to see any of them. No photo albums or slides are left for this generation because "My iPhone had them and it crashed or is now obsolete." We have talked about this before so no beating of the drum.

Kim started working on the session the night before with new headbands custom created and basket set ups and more. It is a work of love. This time the client had to cancel because of a family issue and we have not heard back. Like I said it happens but it makes us sad. We question why, what happened and then move to the next client. We always want people to want us to join in their experience but sometimes it doesn't work out. 

Good luck little one, I hope that mom got some pictures for you and is getting them printed and hung on the wall. That is what is MOST important, that you will have a printed memory to love and look at and laugh at when your older.