Senior Pictures, the Celebration of Accomplishment!

Make Your Senior Pictures Yours!

We are headed into the heart of senior picture season and the bar for seniors to come up with the amazing or unique so they can stand out gets higher each year. This means Pinterest is buzzing with ideas from traditional to culturally influenced to Hollywood influenced. As a senior you need to really think about who you are, what you want to be and then mix in some of your influences. Music, books, sports, or just casual style, let you be you.

Senior picture of Meesha

There are many different memes that capture the Pinterest fails out there but a true professional will navigate you away from a total flop while still letting you be you. Many seniors are looking for high glam for their session and hair and makeup is an essential part of that, but remember that hair and makeup is an important part of every session. You want to look and feel you best and there is no other way to accomplish that than someone to take care of all the preparation and make look amazing.

With this session the options are endless, but there are some really unique settings that will make you look and feel incredible. Urban settings, or even a small downtown has options that will look incredible. Alleys with exposed brick and steel staircases, cobblestone roads if you have access to that, and asking a store to use a storefront window is fun and feels special. If you’re the photographer don’t be afraid to ask, many people are flattered that you would think their spot is special.

Senior Picture Reagan

Farms, woods, and even industrial settings can give you the texture and feel in the background that makes a glam look stand out like a model. Even a casual look is kicked up with a contrasting look.

Finally I think that an underappreciated location are schools themselves. Universities, colleges, and even high schools have a look that is architecturally singular to them. Use those locations to your advantage, brick, ivy, and a park like setting that very often includes steps and windows. Just make sure that you have contacted them for permission, as they can be very defensive of their grounds and space. 

Senior Picture Nicole

I look forward to the senior sessions coming up and want you to enjoy your experience as well. Get glammed up, think of some cool locations and go for it. Your only this young once!!!