What Should a Maternity Photography Session Look Like?

Your Maternity Session Should be Easy....

When you are having a maternity photography session booked it can be something that you have some apprehension about. You might be doing the session for many reasons but the biggest one we hear about is to capture the moment and you will definitely want to remember this time as it can be lost in the busyness of a life with a newborn and you will look back and it will truly be the memory you have of this time. 

Angelic Maternity Photography

As you start to think about the session and do your planning with your photographer think about the look, feel and style as always by thinking about how you will be displaying them or keeping the memories. Have professional hair and makeup done, enjoy the dresses or gowns, and let you beauty shine Your going to look great, even if your not feeling it right now. On top of that your child will be amazed at how you looked and by taking one little moment and writing something in the back of the album that can be given to them as they get older it will close the circle. Pick a day that is far enough out from the delivery date that your still feeling mobile, but a date where you can see your baby bump, maybe 35 weeks. 

Your session should be about an hour. It gives you just the right amount of time to have the portraits created, not push you to far and make you feel relaxed. Outfit changes and everything else can be coordinated to make a beautiful flow for the session. Don't push too hard but have fun.

As for how to put them in your home I would suggest a photographer created album. It will take the stress off you to try and find time to design something when time is going to get very precious. By planning this ahead of time the session will be aimed at getting the portraits that will complete a memory. Background, outfits, dresses and your loved one will all be a part of this if you want. Or go for an outdoor session, love the scenery, be one with nature and enjoy.

Outdoor maternity photography

Building an memory that will be something you will truly look at in amazement is something you need to do and having that beautiful maternity album that will be the slideshow that we had in the past is something that every mother should have. Your photographer will find the best images, edit them and put them together in a way that will bring tears to your eyes.