Being a Local Photographer in Portland Oregon

Local Photography in Portland Oregon

Local Photography in Portland Oregon

On Being a Local Photographer

What does it mean to be a photographer in a community? Does it mean supporting others? Or does it mean respect for the community and natural areas within and around it? As a photographer who loves the natural areas in the community around Cornelius, Oregon we are always looking for new areas to enjoy and often the most mundane settings yield the most amazing portraits. This is what local photographers do for you as a client. They have the ability to look at a space and see the artwork on the other end.

One of the fun fads going on right now is to do a photoshoot in a craft store. If you think about the foliage aisle or the lighting section of a home store you can get amazing backgrounds. I personally love streets and sidewalks for sets. Cobblestone, and curbsides are cool. Envisioning the area and the possibilities for a set are what true artists do. They work for you and find local areas that are amazing. 

There are many types to think about when thinking of your setting for a session.

  1. Open spaces;
    1. Nature parks
    2. City parks
    3. Public areas
  2. Private property (as a country boy who hunted I learned to ask politely and explain what your going to be doing to land owners and many times they are happy to let you be on their property as long as your not causing damage)
    1. Farm land
    2. Rural property
    3. Secluded homes
    4. Estates
    5. Wineries/Vineyards
    6. Restaurants
    7. Universities
  3. Campgrounds/Forest Service Land

The things that need to be aware of are numerous but controllable. Contact the land owners as early as possible and get permission. Make sure that you have your liability insurance in order. Litigation concerns are high on peoples list. City/county or state licenses and permits need to be considered. Communication with client of limitations and restricts imposed by policy, rule, or law for shooting.

It sounds complex but it is important to get these lined up for future sessions outdoors. Then you can end up with artwork in a setting that is AMAZING and looks beautiful. With the possibility of a setting that would shock people found out your back door vs shooting in a complex that requires permits and coordination you might find that the back door session is more enjoyable and yields artwork that is more amazing that a session on a mountain side.

The swing... Artistic Bliss Portraits

Truly be a local photographer and look into your community for inspiration.

Swinging Shay Artistic Bliss Portraits

Here is a link to a Pinterest page of inspirations - On location