Mom fail or Mom Win - Life in the Photography Studio Business

Life in the Photography Studio Business

Mom fail or mom win?

Life while owning a residential business. 

Today as I head home from a spur of the moment 3 day trip to the Oregon coast on not one but 2 school days, I ponder on whether this is a mom fail or really is it a mom win?  

Owning and operating a residential business has a lot of perks that I feel very blessed to have, I mean I can work in my pajamas if I really want to and you can’t beat the traffic.  I worked relentlessly for years to build a business where myself and my husband could work together again, but most importantly so we can parent together at all times.  This is a blessing I do not take for granted believe me, but this blessing of ours can sometimes get hidden under the stresses of being a parent, a wife, a business owner, and just an adult. Just recently, I noticed that our passion seemed dull again with day in and day out daily life. 

As photographers, we don’t get weekends off like many because really weekends are the perfect time for everyone to get family portraits taken. This weekend we had a rare open Sunday after some plans suddenly changed. Normally with cancelled plans or sessions we would refill those spots or do some of our other business work but this time I could just tell we needed to reconnect as a family. 

So those downsides of having your business in your home you wondered about earlier? Having everything always so conveniently around us means we can’t always just get away from it, our work is in our living room which is used more as a showroom for your artwork, the studio is a big part of our home and just upstairs is 2 offices that we spend a ton of time in, the backyard is a work in progress studio grounds, the front is kept in perfect curbside appeal. While the thoughts of 12 sessions still needing to be edited, orders to fill and package, reviews to respond to and process through my mind, emails and phone calls to return, files needing work, marketing, billing, and all that other stuff clutters our mind, we decide to put it all aside for a few days (we hardly ever do this), and run to cleanse our minds and souls!

Family on the beach


So that brings me to whether my next move was actually a mom fail or a mom win?  Sunday morning, spur of the moment  we packed up the kids and headed to the coast! Yes, the kids missed 2 full days of school during the last 2 weeks of the school year, yes we threw off all of our routines and decided we weren’t ready for another Monday. We played on the beach, we toured the light house and learned so much history, we visited the aquarium and read all the information instead of rushing through, we felt starfish and sea cucumbers, we window shopped, walked on the beach, got up close with some sea lions, we played in the motel pools, had ice cream on the pier, we watched the sun set on the beach, we watched the whales and most of all we enjoyed being together as a family.  We took time to enjoy the sounds of the giggles of our children instead of it being a background noise in our busy lives and for me that was a win!

I wish I could say that not once did we think or talk about the business, but of course that’s not true but I can say that it wasn’t a thing on my mind that was clouding over the real reason we do all the work we do.  I head home rejuvenated, ready to work, ready to parent, ready to get back on routine. I head back home in love with my life, my husband, my kids, my business, my empire.  My kids head back to school ready to learn, feeling loved, feeling secure, they learned a lot during our “field trip” and we all reconnected. 


So my socialized brain says, you took the kids out of school for 2 days not for an emergency but for a getaway = mom fail

You took the time to reconnect with the most important beings in your life, took time to enjoy your “why”, taught your children not only important lessons about history and wildlife and so on but taught them that we love them, that family is important, and reminded us all why we do what we do everyday and that = Mom Win!