How will you Celebrate Your Little One Growing up?

When your little baby grows up how till you celebrate them?

There are so many things we have to celebrate and one of them should be those important times in life and there are so many ways to do that. One is to pick up your cell phone and post a picture on instabook but does it capture an amazing memory and does it show personality?

With us you can get a keepsake video that will show off so much of your gallery, some outtakes and all wrapped up in a video that will make for so much more. In conjunction with the artwork in your home the video can be your presentation to everyone out there and as time changes the video can move forward if that is your choice because you OWN the copy on your computer.

The video is constructed by Kim to convey a feeling both of the time but also of who the people are. This one is a great example of a new family adding to a beautiful couple who truly feels the love. Enjoy!

Larry TorrisComment