Do You Have a Portrait as a Couple?

Couples photography is missing from your life.

I have had a few amazing conversations over the last week with people who are looking for portrait sessions to take couples photographs. I really love this because we really only take photographs as a couple a few times in our lives.

We get some snap shots on our phones day to day then a time comes when you get engaged and you really get some portraits. Engagement, wedding, reception, and honeymoon are all recorded and I hope you got them in an album or hanging on your wall. Then when do you do it again? We all have a few selfies or maybe someone else takes a casual picture of you, but you don't really have any portraits done until one day your children are getting pictures taken.

That where you need to take a deep breath and capture the moment. You and your special someone have changed, you have moved into another place in your life that is worth celebrating! No we don't look as young, or as physically fit maybe, but we are who we are. We are the people that our family wants to remember, who we will think back to when we are older in the same way we look back to our 20's. I love to have those portraits to show parents of them as a couple, that little couple who has been a little lost in the rush of life. 

I love you so much mom!!

I love you so much mom!!

Parents will often pass on those portraits in favor of the kids who are "More important" but I GUARANTEE that your children will grow up and actually be genuinely disappointed that you did get a piece of artwork for them to have. Yes the kids are changing fast and we love to look at them even more, but little kids don't know how to express that they LOVE YOU and want to also look at you. God forbid something tragic happens and they have nothing to hold onto. Your selfie will not be the same and it could also be gone if they can't get the images out of it. 

I have an engagement photo shoot coming up and I want them to know that it is IMPORTANT to keep having portraits taken through life. Invest in them, print them, and hang them on your walls!!!

Older couples having sessions are AMAZING, they are just as nervous as young people and laugh thinking they are being silly and vain, but in fact they are CELEBRATING this part of their life. You can too, don't turn down those photos. And to quote one 2018 graduate who we tricked her mother into a couple of portraits, "I don't care what you think of how you look mom, I want that picture of us!!!"

Couple photography

I want you to also have that feeling of I don't care how much or why I want that picture of us!!