Time Capsules... Children's Photography

Capturing children in photography as a time capsule of your life

Capturing children in photography as a time capsule of your life

I wanted to write today about the idea of a time capsule of moments in your life. I think we have all heard about an old building being knocked down and a time capsule being found and opened or a antique store find of an image of Billy the Kid. In those moments people are seeing into the past, into life as it was frozen in time. Your portraits are those as well and children's photography is those moments captured in the most amazing, clear, and professional way.

The photo of Billy the Kid was a sudden find, or time capsule that a man found at an antique store in amongst all the other regular photos in a box. Photography at the time was a scientific process with very little post production work, so it was a big deal and rare to have it done. People recognized the importance but I don't think anyone realized that they were part of something that would last so long. The image captures them playing croquet at a gathering, and looking back and seeing this moment is amazing. A person who is so famous doing ordinary things in a time that we find is so difficult to picture is a joy.


Your portraits are going to be the same for your family in the future. I know that our tech world FEELS like we are capturing the moments forever but does anyone out there remember saving your photos on a computer disc or a computer hard drive that no longer works? I do and I had to work really hard to get those images back, but it was almost a lost cause. Engaging a professional photographer in capturing happy joyous moments (They often do this because they ARE NOT mom or dad) is important and helpful. Making those time capsules that you can love and then hold onto for lift in PRINT allows you to remember your children as they were in that moment and be amazed by them when it is difficult to remember.