Senior Portrait Ideas

Senior Portrait Ideas

For all you seniors and parents of seniors out there listen up. The opportunity to make a memory that will last long past the instagram/facebook age is upon you. Upon entering your last year of high school you will be pushed and pulled by time and it is easy to assume so many things. One of them to not skip is senior portraits and when doing that you probably have no idea what kind of portraits you would like. Pinterest has so many senior portrait ideas but you need to have a photographer/editor/stylist/logistician on your side. It is easy to find the first one, but not so easy to find the last.

When you first think of senior portraits something comes into your head. Don’t skip out though, or have your friend do it, or just use some pictures with your phone. Locations for senior portraits can look wildly different depending upon the lens, camera and photographer. Here are a few that are really amazing.

Urban settings

An urban or city session is something that takes some guts and willingness to be dramatic and have fun. With so many different looks it doesn’t take a big city to get the look, but it does take some willness on your side as well as your photographer to get amazing one of a kind shots. The first image here is one taken with tons of people moving around her during a semi-legal car rally in Portland, Oregon.

Senior Year with Artistic Bliss Portraits, Portland, Oregon

To get the shot we had to interact with the crowd, chat, explain and ask permission to do it. The people there had no reason to assist or allow us to do it but with some charm and bravado we got them to help. That is what we do and you can get this kind of experience as well. Then we moved to a location on the bridge over the Willamette with bicycles, walkers and so many others going by and stopped them all for an amazing portrait there.

Hawthorne Bridge Portland, OR

Another session was done in Oregon City, OR. The backdrop of the small town included us asking to use the open air windows in a restaurant, back alleys, cement causeway and stairs. It was fun to see how the crowds interacted and were so accommodating to this young man and with a little encouragement he loosened up and really got into the session.


Rural Settings

Locations outside of the city can include so many options. The beach, mountains, country, farm, park, forest, lake, river……. the list is long. We are partial to asking farmers to use their land and barns as background while working with sunsets as a highlight. There are also old industry buildings, and gorgeous parks and rivers. The idea is to find an amazing look for you and work with the people and land to make an amazing experience. Try Cooper Mountain Nature Park, Hagg Lake, Dawson Creek, and then we have a number of secret spots that have come from getting to know farmers and being nice. We even got one of the girls on their tractor after the farmer offered it to us after washing it. ON HIS OWN!!! You get more with honey than money.

Box Lid ABP_2018_Madison-0130.jpg

Don’t forget that no matter the setting let your personality be the driving force behind them. If your athletic use the school fields or black tops to be a background, people have even gotten them taken at their place of work.


In studio the session is very glamorous and intimate. You are going to get a classic studio look but with colors, backlighting, posing that is model-like. This would be similar to a fashion model set and can product amazing lighting effects, atmosphere and other technical details that would not fit outdoors.

11x14 Canvas ABP-2019-Sinz-7700.jpg

With so many options remember to be yourself, let your photographer guide you and take advantage of a full service studio to create your vision.