Casual Posed, WHAT IS THAT?

What kind of session do I want to have with my photographer??? 

Ok so people who are looking for photography generally want only a few types of session. There are lots of genres, 50ish according to some when you do a google search. I want to distill this down for you. As a generality I feel there are three different types when it comes to shooting people with lots of added options or subcategories. One controls and manipulates things to achieve a goal, one watches and records, and one mixes them up. Lots of people will argue different things but if your going to be booking a photographer remember the generality then be specific, but be very cautious of mixing them up, this way you will know your photography session type and know what your going to get out of it.

As a photography studio service we want you to know what we do and why so that you will not be confused when the outcome is produced. What are they three types? Portraiture, Documentary, and Casual Posing. Now before you argue or wonder let me explain.

Portraiture photography……

is a process that is designed to create a situation by manipulating light, posing, and environment to create a photograph that is designed by the photographers vision, often by capturing the emotions and feelings of the subject or subjects. There are many subcategories of this area, boudoir, formal, fine art, fashion, glamor, and so on. Even drones are starting to get a part of this by giving a different view of the shot. You can expect to be given specific direction by the photographer and they will work to manipulate the lighting and environment to create a vision they have. As a client you need to have keen awareness of their style or you may get a product that doesn't fit your expectations. For example a beautiful family placed in a forest that is lush could be envisioned as bright and green with lots of color, or dark and moody with shadows and contrast. They both utilize the principles of portraiture but the results are completely different. What does not generally happen here is lots of shots of people interacting. The subjects are focused on the camera rather than the events and situation. Reactions and emotions are individual in nature. This type of session is great for wall art and fine art. Free standing or grouped artwork.

Portraiture with a formal feel.

The next area is documentary photography.

Many people view this as "Lifestyle" photography. I think they are two words for the same kind of thing. What doesn't get expressed that you need to clearly understand is that asking for documentary photography puts the burden of the subject to create the emotion, action, and poses for the photographer. A photographer is looking to capture those expressed feelings and action as they occur. This can be fun and free with lots of images of people looking at each other but there are very few photographs were everyone is focused on the camera. This type of session is great for albums and collages. This tells a story of the people involved.

Summer fun by artistic bliss portraits cornelius oregon

Then there is casual posed photography.

This is a hybrid of the two above. Many people want to say documentary but what they mean is casual posing, or relaxed with interaction and everyone smiling at the camera. Rather that the stiff formal posing it involves people sitting on the floor, on ladders, knees, etc with the esthetics focused on balance and then fun happens. Subjects are posed to look their best and often games are played, some direction and it is about getting the subject to feel at ease and more natural. This type is often done for families and children. Senior pictures can fall into this when they are active, dancing, and what not but seniors are more stylistic and glamor which is portraiture. These pictures are best for wall art, collages, and albums. All around images. Families really enjoy this style. It creates a fun casual feeling that is not strained or stiff. The idea is for everyone to enjoy themselves, have fun while still getting the smiling forward looks and the more intimate loving portraits.

casual posing fun by artistic bliss portraits cornelius oregon

So when a photographer asks what style are you looking for you can answer, portrait with a formal look or what ever style you would feel works for you (Boudoir, head shot, etc). Documentary style, free and candid, or Casual Posed. 

Now you know!!!