A Photographers View on Getting Your Photographs Taken

What to bring to a session???

Clothes, stuff, clothes, and the willingness to have fun for a while. As a photographer and assistant your looking critically, trying to get people to focus on you and what your saying, while working to keep track of everything. As the subject of a session you want to relax and follow direction, let go of stress and let someone take care of you. 

Senior Pictures by Artistic Bliss Portraits Portland Oregon

As a society adults are not really supposed to be goofy and weird around strangers for some reason. We worry what people will think and are self conscious. Behind closed doors we can let go and act the fool for our loved ones. As a photographer we are going to ask you to invite us into your inner circle in a short period of time. Don't worry, we have not sham ourselves, we get that little boys love fart jokes (Older men too), little girls love to be in pictures (Older girls too), and adults all feel like they don't look good enough or don't deserve to be in pictures, they love others more than themselves when it comes to pictures. SO this is my view:

  • I also feel strange being the goof in pictures, but this doesn't happen very often, and I am not going to be doing this in front of the president or a billion people, so I let go. Do things I may not do daily, laugh loudly, smile big, KISS and hug a lot.

  • Make myself feel good about who I AM and realize that other people like me and love me. We finished our session wondering just like everyone we take pictures of, if there is even one good picture, or are we the DERPIEST family ever. I look forward to seeing everyone happy and loving. We I see the pictures I will look at them, more than me and let them do the same thing. Let other people pick the pictures in a review of you, DON'T be the one to trash a picture that everyone loves because your critical of yourself.

  • Don't try to control the session. A true professional has a plan and has scouted a location. Your the one receiving a service, let them do that. If something is not right, your not feeling like the poses are wrong, or something else, then the photographer is not your style and you will need to start over probably. Artists have a style and you need to accept that and pick wisely. If your looking for lifestyle, laughing, tickling, playing then your

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