What a Fun Weekend For a Family Photographer.

The last bit of red clover was in full bloom and after getting permission from the land owner the scene was set!! We worked through the day and into the evening ready to enjoy the beauty that only occurs for a week or so in the spring. CLOVER was in bloom and we wanted to take advantage of it again. Thus your local family photographer was on location.

We had a fun family to start with and enjoyed their personalities, posing and looks. They have not seen their portraits yet so I am not going to show them here, but we did have three little ones who unwillingly cooperate with us and humor us. Our 6, 8, and 10 year olds all got dressed up in what mom wanted and were taken with us to the location shoot. Once done with the family they were unleashed from he car and their electronics. 

You may think, they are probably pros at this and just take their places and smile beautifully, but the reality is they just wanted to run and play hide and seek. Posing was not in their thoughts unless specifically directed and even then they smile like they are being tortured. We pulled all the stops, fart jokes, falling down, tickling, threatening, and bribing. What we got after Kim took what seemed like a million images was a rather large collection. They are cute after all even if they are a pain in the butt.

So after the session, some dinner, and ice cream we were all done. Not to bad. The only issue was a grumpy man next to the field who didn't like the sound of children running and playing because it was normally quieter around there. The images got slipped into the editing cycle and this is what we got. Goodness this little girl is fun. Enjoy the weather everyone and the before and after portraits are amazing. It is going on our wall next week.

Life is good!!!!