Artwork Use After Purchase...

What can and can't I do with my digitals? From the customers point of view

I GOT MY PHOTOS!!! I would like to show off my portraits so everyone can see them because I love them! So I go to my trusty computer and social media website and start to decide which one or ones to use. SO EXCITING!!! I love these so much!!!

I upload the digital files into the system and it gives me options to "Adjust" or change the image. HOW FUN!! I get to play with the images and edit them to look a little different. Wow I love this, instagram filters are so trendy and cool. I want likes on my image so lets do it!!! A little cropping and maybe changing it to black and white and BAM it is posted. I will be sure to get likes now and my family and everyone will be able to see them and love them as much as I do!!! 

Things are going along and someone tells me how great my photo is and maybe how I should be a photographer. :-) Happy and excited that people love my photos!!!! Everyone is talking about how cute we are and everything is great!!!

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 1.07.17 PM.png

Clients Rendition

See how grey and blurred the image is. It looses the contrast and detail.

Sweet Baby in black and white by Artistic Bliss Portraits


I hope my clients love their artwork...... Wait..... What?!?

The Artist Point of view

I am so glad that Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Doe love their artwork so much! We had so much fun together and I am so proud of the artwork I created for them. I wish that they had gotten them all and I can't wait to hear about them displaying them in their homes. I can't believe how amazing the portraits came out and the work was so worth it.

I should go see if they posted any on their page to share with others......There they are.... Wait..... what happened to that one, and that one!!! that isn't what they purchased or what I created. I am so upset, the filter they used blurred the image, it's gray. THAT IS NOT WHAT I MADE or what they invested in!!! What do I do now. People are going to think that portrait is cute but that is not my work. Do I say something? How do I express my disappointment without being rude?


What do you do?

So photography is protected by US copyright laws and our images are registered with the US Copyright office and we would like to think that our clients will respect our work as the unique artwork that it is. But the nature of our life is such that we have become numb to the laws set out to protect our work. Music, movies, and even consumer goods are all being copied by people because it saves them a penny. What is happening behind that scene is your STEALING from the artists and creators. So should a photographer "GO AFTER" a client who has copied and edited a photo on their own? Periodically you even hear from clients that "I have photoshop and will take that out." It is disrespectful and frustrating that someone would disregard work and talent. What they don't get with Artistic Bliss Portraits is that all that has been taken into account already. The portraits have been corrected and errors fixed if they are significant. If there is something wrong with an image at purchase we will take care of it if possible.

My recommendation is that each client receives a document that explains what is allowed and not. Copyright protects and image until it is SUBSTANTIALLY altered, i.e. Andy Warhol but the only people that will be able to tell you whether it meets the requirements is a court and if you loose not only will you loose damages but also all court and legal fees. So is $10k to $20k worth that filter? 

What most clients don't realize is that an artist truly wants to have a happy client so asking for a social media file, or making sure that the watermark is still present is important to them as people and businesses. No one wants the confrontation, but respect for the work that was commissioned is as important as the laws that are in place to protect it. Talk it over with us and remember

All photographs are immediately under copyright at the moment of creation.

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