Being Ready to Purchase Portraits

New Families are amazing by Artistic Bliss Portraits

Before the Reveal

As a client getting to see your portraits and see what came out of your photo session there can be excitement and nerves. Did the kids smile? Are there going to be any good images? How do I look? They all run through your head. I was just in the clients seat recently and after a wait that seemed to last forever the time was here. 

Now we had an idea what we were going to do with our images. The location in our house, size, layout, etc so the process was a little easier, but have you asked yourself the same question? Many people are wanting to get digitals and print them later and that works great. But to have a studio assist in selection and have them printed to match is amazing. What a great feeling to open your artwork up and be able to hang them on your wall. No trips to different stores to get everything together, no need to worry about construction, it can all be taken care of for you. 

In order to do this you need to talk together with the decision makers on where, what and how you think you want to display the artwork. What do the walls look like? Is there a dominate color in the area? Are you wanting to match with the existing artwork or create an all new look?

At Artistic Bliss Portraits we ask these questions ahead of time so that the session also fits this information into the images. We have the ability to also import a picture of your wall into our image selection system so we can virtually decorate your home. This helps prevent incorrect sizes and disappointment with choices of images. Be prepared to make the decision on those topics and if you are communicating with your photographer the process will all seem so easy.

So, what happened with us? Our reveal came and we had those questions answered before hand, but we still had questions. Was the size going to be perfect, are my colors going to fit. Then it hit us as well. Lets look at the pictures of our home and there it was. We picked our portraits with knowledge of what we are doing and how they are going to look.  You can do this too. 

Let Artistic Bliss Portraits Help.