What do you get from your photographer?

Final Artwork is what you get from your photographer

When booking a session check and see what you get from your photographer?

Now let me be clear, I am not talking about whether your going to get "All of the digitals for $100" which I can get into another time. I am talking about what you get from your photographer that makes the artwork..... well artwork. Recently in a group I am a part of one of the photographer was asked why things are the way they are and her answer hit me close to home. She answered, "The difference between some photographers and others is the same as buying a designers dress at Forever 21, versus getting a one of a kind custom fitted and designed dress directly from that designer."

There are many things that go into a portrait session. The photographers eye, training, education, talent, editing, post processing, and the list goes on. Anyone can snap a picture, but an artist has a vision in their head before they even pick up the camera. They are thinking about you before the day of the session. Wondering what your going to wear, what your body type is, how your hair color and skin color can be complemented by the set. Thinking about how flexible and comfortable you are sitting, squatting, and getting on the floor or ground and planning to get your best angles, and making you look amazing.

Photographers all have an eye or they wouldn't have gotten into this business, but true professionals seek new techniques, test their craft and learn from their failures. How that eye is transferred to the client varies from photographer to photographer. Are you getting a photographer who is going to put in the time and effort into your photographs that you deserve or the ability to bring out the best in your portraits. The click of the shutter captures light on an amazing sensor designed by scientists to pick up more information that ever before, and if you stop right there it can be amazing. But what happens to that information is the artwork. It is like an amazing kitchen stocked with the most amazing ingredients but if the chef doesn't have the skill to put it all together you end up with burnt steak and bland vegetables rather than an amazing meal fit for a king. Great photographers see the whole picture, no pun intended, and studios that are thinking about what your wall colors are, and how they will look hung together are putting in the effort for you.

Ask about the entire process. If you are getting a shoot and burn do you really feel comfortable that the photographer is amazing at their job, or would you rather sit and go through the images one at a time. You can get the ingredients yourself and try your had a cooking the meal by the receipt, but the studio that wants to sit down with you has invested their time and effort into the portraits and they are not expecting you to love everyone of them because they are taking lots of photographs in order to get the differences in your expression but they are willing to go through them, edit them, make adjustments, and are really looking to see the expression on your face when you see the ones you love.

You are getting what you pay for, ask them what that is, you will find that true professionals invest large amounts of time and effort into you before you ever see the portraits. This artwork and you deserve the best. Compare the work side by side and I am sure you will see the difference.