The Importance of Family Photography

Don't miss the opportunities to capture a moment.

This year seems to be threaded with opportunities missed and taken to get families together and document the time together. Our own family was the same as everyone else and we had been missing the chance to have portraits of us all together. People often say to us, "You probably have tons of family portraits." but the reality is that we are behind the camera, just like you. But then we saw people who did not accept that and wanted to experience amazing family photography.

The family gathering has been an an excuse to have an iPhone propped up picture or maybe a bystander snapshot to gather everyone together. But those people who have reached out to us and organized the cats into a single location. Multigenerational portraits, just the guys, and scattered families were all gathered for an hour to have a professional portrait taken. This is the way our grandparents did things and how I remember it occurring. One family had everyone coming into town and had a day to get them into one spot, four state, three generations, and an outdoor location that set the scene. 

Dawson Creek Park, Hillsboro, OR, Winter 2018

Dawson Creek Park, Hillsboro, OR, Winter 2018

Our family also did this. Everyone was coming into town for three days, three generations, two states, and lots of laughs for an hour!! The question I have been asking myself is why does this not happen more? and is it changing? The breakdown of extended families in America started with the suburban nuclear family. Extended networks became scattered but recently the network of family connections is starting to come back. Is this a reaction to the latch key generation swinging the pendulum back, probably is. The step to establishing the connect for the next generation, I believe, is through our family portraits.

Putting great family artwork in your home and making sure that we remember as many generations as possible is important. Multi-generational portraits as well as the close family. Today I got the opportunity to reveal the artwork for a woman who drove the portrait session for the four state family and when I asked if she got direction from the other families she said a little quietly, "No, but it is important to me." WOW, that is a person who is changing the dynamic and wants to have the portraits for herself, and her young child. She got several group portraits, groupings, Grandma & Grandpa who may be having one of their last portraits, and her family. It was amazing, she has the documentation, the portraits and will guarantee that her family will continue on.

Take the opportunity to gather the family and call a professional photographer to come to you, or let them guide you to ensure that your family memory is captured before it is too late. It only takes a couple of hours of your time, and the photographer will take care of the rest. Avoid shoot and burn where your the one with the weight of sorting out a good image and getting it printed. Get a professional who will take you through the process and get an amazing memory.