Being a professional photographer. The process.... Culling

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gerund or present participle: culling

  1. select from a large quantity; obtain from a variety of sources.

    "anecdotes culled from Greek and Roman history"

    synonyms:select, choose, pick, take, obtain, glean

    "anecdotes culled from Greek history"

The Session

At your session Kim begins the process through the lens. This means she is looking at the posing, light, meter, and tone of the image before she even pulls the trigger. As your getting posed into positions that are flattering for those in the shot she is thinking about the final edited product and how this fits into that vision. It isn't about snapping as many photos as possible and dumping them on you as the client but looking at the many different options for the image and also trying to give you as the subject and purchaser the options needed to find the artwork you will love. There are many shots in an effort to allow you to find your true self in the portraits starting at the session.

The Upload

Now that the first fun part is done she then saves all of the images into multiple locations while looking for the images that are "Just not right" along with selecting those that are going to possibly going to make the cut. This is a way of improving the selection process for you and an effort to keep the reveal from being overwhelming. Some images can be saved even if they are not perfect at this point, thats why she is award winning.

The Hard Cull

Ok now the hard part.... Kim will sit and review the images one by one and then in comparison looking for problems. Out of focus; gone, bad looks; gone, cuteness; in, a little dark; maybe. The hard part becomes getting the images to a reasonable number. If you were presented with 200 images (which is possible) to review you would be so overwhelmed that the possibility of selection wouldn't be fun. Your looking for the best of the best.... so is she. This is hard because she starts to fall in love with her artwork and could play and love them forever.


Images that make it into photoshop are finalized. Periodically there are images that are a little off, goofy or otherwise ok but not perfect; they go into the keepsake video with others that are perfect. But they don't end up on the reveal line because they don't make the cull. It is her artistic eye that your looking for and she is working extremely hard to get to this. Babies often end up with 100+ galleries but in order to be manageable for other sessions they often hover around 40-50.

This is the culling process. It is how things get manageable and is what ALL high end professionals do in order to present work that they will sign their name to. It is what your paying for and is absolutely necessary to be amazing!!!