The Emotional Impact of Photography.... Conclusion


Who Artistic Bliss Portraits is.....

Asking someone to describe themselves is a trick question, right? Who I am is my perception of things but people looking in from the outside sometimes see more and sometimes see less. Artistic Bliss Portraits is a little like that.

We are a family owned and operated business that has grown over the last 9 years with all of the usual changes and failures. We are human in our business and want to be better than we were yesterday. We make changes and improvements in response to feedback. The difficulty about social media is that what is said is always out there no matter what has changed for good or bad. 

So we keep going with our emotional investment in our business and in our clients. We want you to have artwork that you love!! That is why we love printed artwork you hang on your wall and enjoy, and that you feel is an investment in your family. Photography used to be something that was special and rare. It is still that when done right with a photographer that is emotionally invested in your portraits as well, not just snapping pictures and handing them over to you to deal with.

Discussions about how kids who grow up in homes with pictures of them on the wall are more emotionally secure and have higher self esteem can be found through a google search. I just searched self esteem through photography and got 664k returns. I know that our children talk about the portraits on the wall and as parents we are extremely proud to talk about them to clients when they see the artwork. 

As someone who is choosing to have their portraits taken by a professional studio you are making an emotional investment in your family and I know you are envisioning something from the experience. I encourage you to tell Artistic Bliss Portrait what that vision is. Think about where your going to want to hang the artwork, how you would like to look in the portraits, classic, fun, lifestyle. It is all part of the experience and if your not getting asked and assisted.... well find another photographer.

We want your emotional impact to be positive for years to come and I feel great about the comments from clients that this was fun and easy, it is our job to work for your artwork, not you.