The Emotional Impact of Photography.... Part 2


Preservation of Your Portraits..

Digital formats are becoming fragile. The constant evolution and change of our foundation is risking your digital images. As you know the changes in technology that occurs as we "Improve" our computer systems is causing some file formats to stop working. I am old enough to have gone through all phases of this change. Don't even get me started on BetaMax!!! 

Your files need to have specific formats in order to be viable for the future and then saved in multiple ways as well. Several things need to be asked of your photographer to help with this.

1. What format are you saving it in and colorspace. This means is it a JPG file and sRGB color which are the most common. They offer reliability and stability. The Library of Congress uses a format called TIFF.

2. What resolution is being set? Full resolution images are large and difficult for some computers to handle but allow for the most increase in size for enlargements. If the resolution is restricted the image can become blurry when printed. 

3. Where are they saved? Once you have brought them home or are ready to save them how is that done? We thought that CDs and DVDs were going to be the saving grace but now computers don't even have them as part of the system, and I have personally experienced that they do stop working and lost images (Our children unfortunately). 

So what do you do now. Well your photographer should be providing you with full resolution images in TIFF or JPG format. Once you get them back them up. Use a cloud service from a large organization that you feel comfortable with. Flash Drives are an option though also can go bad as well or better yet....

Print them, put them on your walls, in an album.... let your photographer help and if they don't do that... find one who will.