The Emotional Impact of Photography.... Part 1


You get what you pay for...

With the 21st century being well documented as the most photographed and talked about in so many places hopefully your aware of the peril your electronic portraits are in. Changes in format, updates in technology and what not there really is a possibility that our children will not be able to look back and see what things looked like. But, I am not here to talk about that. I want to talk about what YOU can do to change that.

As Egon from the Ghostbuster said "Print is dead", and yes I just used Ghostbusters as a reference, the printed photograph is vanishing for families. Of course you are not going to fall into that, your different and have printed photos on your walls. But where did you get them printed? Will they last? Where they printed at a lab or your supermarket? These things matter to their longevity and durability. 

I have a background in museum studies and the products used in casual life are NOT designed to last or protect them. They need to have UV resistant coatings in order to resist light breakdown, mounting to resist gravity and humidity, and proper inks to prevent acidic breakdown. Professional photo labs specialize in these techniques and the people running them are experts at what they do. Your electronics person who is also selling DVDs and Nintendos will not take care to ensure they are handled properly or understand why it is important. Even online printers that everyone can access cut corners in order to save money, and they are computer controlled, quality checks by people is not a priority nor is calibration. Calibration, I will cover that another time.

So you need to ask your photographer what the artwork is made of, if they are sure your getting something that will last, and what you can do to have these advanced services added to your portraits. Don't settle for cheap because over time the portraits will break down and fade. I will get into digital images in next post.....